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An idea happened. Link is canonically reincarnated every time great evil decides to pop up n the world. Whether people think that all Links come from the same exactly bloodline [are direct descendants of one another] or not, Link always seems to return as a pale skinned mostly fair haired and light eyed young man. 
What if there is a case where there is no bloodline but still needs to be a hero because the universe, the goddesses, what have you know that a powerful darkness is on its way. What if that hero is the same spirit of all the heroes before them, all the Links in the chain, but that spirit is reborn among the Gerudo. What if that hero is a young Gerudo woman. 
I don’t actually have an AU story for this, I just really wanted to draw it. The story could go in so many direction and I almost want to write a fanfiction for once to figure out the story. Maybe Ganondorf is back and she has to fight against the lies and evil of her own king? Maybe the reincarnation of evil has been born as Hyrulean royalty, and being a superpower of a nation has the power from the start to try and snuff out their enemies. Maybe that’s why the hero’s spirit had to be born far away from Hyrule, hidden and hopefully safe.
Actually now I really want to write that.

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